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Centerpiece Round

Centerpiece Round

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Countrypolitan- Sterling
Countrypolitan- Platinum
Countrypolitan- Ultra
NeoTropica- Sterling
NeoTropica- Platinum
NeoTropica- Ultra
Fleurinista- Sterling
Fleurinista- Platinum
Fleurinista- Ultra
Seasonal- Sterling
Seasonal- Platinum
Seasonal- Ultra
Designers Choice- Sterling
Designers Choice- Platinum
Designers Choice- Ultra
A slightly more traditional centerpiece in a round shape. Available in the different design styles that make Babylon unique.

Countrypolitan: A fusion of contemporary and traditional $50, $75, $120
NeoTropica: A blending of exotic tropicals with traditional flowers $75, $95, $150
Fleurinista: A trendy, sleek arrangement of fashion-forward florals $65, $80, $110
Seasonal: Floral and botanical elements that create the mood of the current season: $50, $70, $90
Designers Choice: Give us a price and let us work our magic $50, $70, $90
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